STARR Research Grant Program

About STARR Research Grants


Starr Student Research Grant funding comes from the Frank Starr Memorial IJAS Grant Fund established by IAS Member Frank Starr. Funding is also provided by the Iowa Space Grant Consortium, and the Iowa Academy of Science.  Grant money from other sources is made available at the discretion of the IAS Board of Directors and the Student Programs Committee of the Academy. Research projects from all scientific disciplines are encouraged.

The STARR program is an excellent learning opportunity for middle and high school students. Students follow a defined submission process. Students complete a project they choose through a process of hands on learning. They learn how to develop a budget and follow it. They learn a variety of communication skills including how to write a complete concise proposal that describes what they propose to do. They must follow directions and complete their project before the deadline. They do science - just like all scientists. Their proposals are reviewed before they begin and again upon completion when they present their findings to other scientists by communicating at a professional meeting through poster and oral presentations. Iowa scientists and science educators review their work in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Members of the Iowa Junior Academy of Science are eligible to participate in the STARR Research Grant Program. Students may submit proposals that request from $20 to $200 in funding or a "Feedback Only" proposal where they receive comments from reviewers but are not considered for funding.