IAS Board of Directors Letter
to the membership of the Iowa Academy of Science

Dear Members of the Iowa Academy of Science,

Iowa Academy of Science needs your help.  As President, Past President, and President Elect of the IAS Executive Board, we are reaching out to general membership for immediate assistance.  Our organization is experiencing budget issues that will prove to be devastating if we collectively do not step up and meet this challenge.  We are currently spending approximately $27,000 more than we are receiving, which is obviously not sustainable.  Our revenue stream has been negative for several years, and we have reached a point where concerted efforts need to be taken to change this trend.

Since 1875, Iowa Academy of Science has served an integral role in promoting science research, science education, public understanding of science, and recognition of excellence in science endeavors throughout Iowa. To continue providing exemplary service to Iowa, we will need to increase membership numbers and private donations.  Additionally, recent IAS cost reduction decisions include suspension of ISTS stipends and mileage reimbursements, and our IAS Director has offered to suspend his salary, which we, as a Board, are attempting to avoid by making additional private, corporate, and legislative connections.  Your IAS Executive Board has also initiated endeavors to broaden IAS exposure through IPR programming and potential connections with science-related public outreach forums throughout Iowa.

Our intentions are to develop sustainable funding initiatives rather than find a temporary solution.  If you, as an IAS member value the mission of our organization, then we hope you will contribute at a level that is a personal expression of that value.  If, after paying annual dues, each of the current members would contribute the same amount to IAS as a donation, and then make a conscious effort to recruit one more IAS member, then we feel that IAS will be able to continue our statewide science efforts that promote and support science initiatives for many years to come.   If we are not able to make significant progress in the next two years, our 141-year-old Academy will most likely be forced to disband.  Any donation level will be greatly appreciated. You may contribute online or by mail here:


This is NOT another “routine begging” letter like so many we receive during this time of year – IAS truly needs your help!!

Thank you for your time and consideration! If you have questions please contact the IAS office at 319-273-2021 or email the Executive Director at craig.johnson@uni.edu.


Dr. Melinda Coogan, IAS President
Ms. Carol Schutte, IAS Past President
Dr. Paul Bartelt, IAS President-Elect