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IAS Speaker Series - Stormy Weather - Saylorvillle Lake Visitor Center

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Stormy Weather
Craig Johnson, Iowa Academy of Science
2:00 p.m. in the Saylorville Visitor Center Theater
Audience: Children and Adults

Storms have shaped Iowa's history. Anyone living in Iowa quickly realizes that the weather can be foul or friendly. It often determines what we can and cannot do. Knowing what causes Iowa weather and in particular the storms that crisscross the state not only helps us cope but it brings a new appreciation of the world around us.  Join Craig Johnson as he takes you behind the scenes of the great storm maker - the jet stream. Learn what causes the fickleness of Iowa weather and why it has impacted humans for as long as we have occupied the state. See what is inside blizzards, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. This program is suitable for children and adults and includes an opportunity see and touch some of the tools used by meteorologists. 

About Craig Johnson

Craig  Johnson is an Iowa native who grew up along the Des Moines river in Fort Dodge. For as long as he can remember he wanted to be a meteorologist. His interest grew out of countless hours enjoying the outdoors including watching the sky. While growing up he read, "...every book they had about meteorology in the Fort Dodge Public Library." He used paper route earnings to buy a rain gauge (he still has it), a Taylor wind vane and anemometer (he still has them), barometer (he still has it), and a sling psychrometer (it didn't survive). Using basic instrumentation and building some of his own, he began collecting data and learning about weather first hand.  

Craig has degrees in Meteorology and Communications from the University of Utah and is approaching 4 decades of involvement in meteorology including 30 years as a broadcast meteorologist in Utah and Iowa. His expertise is weather forecasting. He is the Executive Director of the Iowa Academy of Science and continues to be active professionally in meteorology through forecasting and making presentations to various groups ranging in age from elementary students through adult. He enjoys speaking with and encouraging children and their parents to enjoy science and the world around us.