The Iowa Science Teaching Section presents...

Elements of STEM Conference
October 8 -9, 2017

FFA Enrichment Center, DMACC Ankeny Campus
1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway
Ankeny, Iowa


New for 2017

Elementary, Middle, and High School Expo

Keynote Speaker
Chad Dorsey, President & CEO
Concord Consortium

The Elementary, Middle School and High School Expos are not to be missed! Each Expo will last about two hours and have a focus on one of the 3 grade levels. Using a "share-a-thon" format,  you'll be able to gather resources for use in your classroom, experience engaging hands-on activities, find strategies to excite and encourage your students, and share ideas with colleagues.

Walk away with a head full of ideas and hands filled with materials. Sign up with the new Expo Network to keep in contact with Expo contributors and colleagues from around the state.