Committee on Committees and Elections

Members of the 2017 - 2018 Committee on Committees and Elections. Their term of service ends at the conclusion of the IAS Annual Meeting in the year indicated.

Chair: President-Elect Paul Bartelt; Waldorf University

Member (Exp 2018) Thad Sheldon; Iowa City High School
Member: (Exp 2018) Nicole Palenski; Central College
Member: (Exp 2019) Tyronne Genade; Northwestern College
Member: (Exp 2019) Qun Wang; Iowa State University
Member: (Exp 2020) Marcy Seavey; University of Northern Iowa
Member: (Exp 2020) OPEN

Committee Description

  • The Committee on Committees and Elections is a standing committee of the Academy. It consists of six to eight Members or Fellows each serving three-year terms, two being appointed each year, and the President-elect.
  • The chair is the President-elect

Committee Duties

  • This committee reviews the structure and function of all standing committees and recommends changes when the need arises.
  • Each year the committee recommends the names of persons to fill expiring and vacant positions on all standing committees to the President-elect. Recommendations are expected to give consideration to
    • 1) balanced representation
    • 2) the number of committees and duties which a potential nominee is serving
    • 3) the principle of rotation of committee assignments
    • 4) the responses from the membership to a periodic survey of member interests in and qualifications for service on a committee.
  • This committee nominates candidates for the offices of President-elect, and vacant directors’ positions ensuring that there is more than one candidate for each position.