Conservation and Preserves Committee

Members of the 2017 - 2018 Conservation and Preserves Committee. Their term of service ends at the conclusion of the IAS Annual Meeting in the year indicated.

Board Liaison – To be determined.

Chair: Paul Frese; Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Member: (Exp 2018)  Katherine Megivern; Ankeny High School
Member: (Exp 2018)  Paul Frese; Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Member: (Exp 2019) Brenda Peters; St. Ambrose University
Member: Exp 2019) Andy McCollum; Cornell College
Member: (Exp 2020) Paul Mayes; Muscatine Community College
Member: (Exp 2020) OPEN


Committee Description

  • The Conservation and Preserves Committee shall consist of six Members or Fellows each serving three year terms, two being appointed each year.
  • The chair shall be designated by the President.

Committee Duties

  • Matters relating to conservation and preservation within Iowa and involving the Academy will be referred to this committee by the Board of Directors.
  • The Committee will inform Academy members in matters related to conservation and preservation and will encourage their participation in related activities.
  • The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board in matters relating to conservation and preservation.
  • The committee will make recommendations to the Governor for appointments to the State Preserves Advisory Board as indicated by the Code of Iowa.