Finance Committee

Members of the 2017 - 2018 Finance Committee. Their term of service ends at the conclusion of the IAS Annual Meeting in the year indicated.

Board Liaison – Mark Anderson; Office of the State Archeologist, University of Iowa

Chair: Andrew Brittingham; Des Moines University

Member: (Exp 2018) Andrew Brittingham; Des Moines University
Member: (Exp 2018) OPEN
Member: (Exp 2019) John Dawson; Kirkwood Community College
Member: (Exp 2019) Leslie Flynn; The University of Iowa
Member: (Exp 2020) Gary Coombs; Waldorf College
Member: (Exp 2020) OPEN


Committee Description

  • The Finance Committee will be composed of at least six Members or Fellows appointed for three-year terms with two appointed each year.
  • The chair shall be designated by the President.

Committee Duties

  • The duties of the Finance Committee will be to solicit financial support in the form of Corporate and Institutional memberships, contributions, grants, bequests, and endowments.
  • It will seek optimum return on Academy investments and income property, consistent with the goals of the Academy. It will also be advisory to the Board of Directors regarding budget, salaries, and other financial matters.