Societal Issues Committee

Members of the 2017 - 2018 Societal Issues Committee. Their term of service ends at the conclusion of the IAS Annual Meeting in the year indicated.

Board Liaison: Deborah Christensen; Drake University 

Chair: James Pease; Iowa State University

Member: (Exp 2018) Sherman Lundy; BMC Aggregates, LC
Member: (Exp 2018) Sara Coleman; Norwalk High School
Member: (Exp 2019) Joseph Nguyen; Mount Mercy University
Member: (Exp 2019) Jonnie Becker; Iowa Department of Eduction
Member: (Exp 2020) James Pease; Iowa State University
Member: (Exp 2020) OPEN

Committee Description

  • The Societal Issues Committee shall consist of six Members or Fellows appointed for three-year terms with two members appointed each year.
  • The chair shall be designated by the President.

Committee Duties

  • The duties of the Societal Issues Committee will be to study issues, trends and pressures on science, science education and the public’s perception of science in Iowa and the nation.
  • The committee will develop position papers on these issues for consideration by the Iowa Academy of Science Board of Directors and the Academy membership or in other ways communicate these concerns to the members and the public.