Iowa Junior Academy of Science
Associated Awards and Scholarships

* Indicates awards associated with Iowa Junior Academy of Science activities. Students must be IJAS members to participate. A list of non-IJAS awards is found near the bottom of this page. 

All Expense Paid AmJAS Trip*

Trip to the American Junior Academy of Science meeting held at the AAAS Annual Meeting in February.

  • IJAS all expense paid trip for two 9th - 11th grade students and a chaperone to the American Junior Academy of Science (AmJAS) Annual Meeting in February. The students are chosen after the IJAS science research competition during the IJAS Science Symposium. Additional IJAS students presenting research at the IJAS Science Symposium are invited to attend AmJAS if they meet the following criteria:
    1. They must apply and be accepted by the Academy or be invited by the Academy to attend.
    2. They must pay their own trip expenses.
    3. They must travel as part of the Iowa Delegation under the supervision of the IAS chaperone and/or an attending parent or teacher. IAS/IJAS determines if an attending parent or teacher will be required for invited students.  


1. Who may attend? Students in 9th, 10th or 11th grade as of the April IJAS Science Symposium meeting. The students must make oral and poster presentations at the IJAS Science Symposium following IJAS guidelines. The trip occurs the following February. Two students and a chaperone are chosen by IAS to represent Iowa at the AmJAS conference.

2. May other IJAS students attend? Yes but they must be invited or apply to IAS after presenting their research at the IJAS Science Symposium, meet eligibility requirements of AmJAS and IAS, pay their own expenses, and travel with the Iowa Delegation under the supervision of the IAS chaperone. The Academy may invite additional students to attend at their own expense under the supervision of the chaperone or an attending parent or teacher as required by the Academy. 

3. How do we register and attend the conference? All arrangements for the trip are handled through the IAS office. Students are not allowed to make their own arrangements. The IAS office handles the conference reservations, hotel accommodations, and flight reservations for the delegation - including any students wanting to attend and paying their own way. IAS will bill the responsible party for all fees in advance of the trip. The fees must be paid by a specified deadline or all reservations will be cancelled. AmJAS requires all students to attend as part of their official state delegation. 

4. May parents and other family members go on the trip with the IAS Delegation? Not as part of the delegation. The trip is meant to be a student experience. AmJAS keeps the students busy most of the time either at the AAAS/AmJAS Conference or on field trips to important science related locations. There are also special events for the students. Many students consider this to be a unique and memorable experience. Not only are they part of the Iowa Delegation, they also meet many other students from elsewhere in United States as well as scientists.

Parents certainly may make their own arrangements to be near the conference but the availability of time to be with their son or daughter is very limited! Conference activities are reserved only for the students and chaperones. 

5. If you have questions please contact the IAS office at 319-273-2021 or the Executive Director at 319-273-2681.

Two IJAS $500 Scholarships*

The Iowa Academy of Science awards two graduating seniors a $500 scholarship at the IJAS Science Symposium. Two 12th grade students are eligible to receive the awards which are determined by the members of the IAS Student Programs Committee following the judging of oral and poster presentations.  The scholarships are announced at the IJAS Science Symposium Luncheon at the IAS Annual Meeting.

IJAS Outstanding Science Student Awards (OSSA)*

IJAS member schools are eligible to present one IJAS Outstanding Science Student Award annually to a graduating senior. The award is a brass medallion sponsored by the Pella Corporation. It has the IAS logo on the front and is engraved on the back. The school may choose their winner and send the name to the IAS office so we can have the medallion engraved and returned in time for an awards assembly. We need a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks to guarantee receipt of the engraved medallion by the school. 

IJAS Most Promising Young Scientist*

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are eligible to receive a certificate as the Most Promising Young Scientist. The award is presented to middle school students who show creativity, skill, and the ability to follow scientific methods and procedures when submitting their proposal and conducting their research. It is important that students learn how to follow directions, use the format required by IJAS, and show the ability to think like a scientist. This award is given to the student who best exemplified these characteristics with their project.

* Indicates awards associated with Iowa Junior Academy of Science activities. Students must be IJAS members to participate. 

Non-IJAS Awards

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