Eligible Presenters and Attendees

Taking part in the IJAS and the IAS Annual Meetings provides invaluable experiences at a professional meeting and a unique opportunity to meet Iowa scientists. No other venue in Iowa provides middle and high school students with a chance to meet scientists in both a professional and informal setting and hear speakers from many disciplines discuss the latest scientific discoveries.

IJAS Starr Student Research Grant Recipients and other IJAS members who have conducted research during the current academic year and have presented their research at one of the approved state or regional science fairs are invited to compete at the IJAS Annual Meeting. Non-competing IJAS members may attend as observers.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • The student doing the presentation must be the one who conducted the research.
  • No student may present research from a previous year without conducting additional research on the topic during the current year.
  • Only one project per student.
  • No student may compete at the middle school or 9th-11th grade levels in more than 3 different years.  No student may compete at the senior level more than one year.
  • A maximum of 3 students may work together on one project.  See below for how awards will be split among group projects.
  • In the 9th-11th grade category, the prize is a trip to the next American Junior Academy of Science Meeting. If a project completed by a group of student's is selected for this award, the student's must either pick one individual to attend the conference, split the award and raise the additional funds for all to attend, or forfeit the award to one of the alternate winners.  For the 12th grade category, projects by teams of two students shall be accepted, however a winning team would split one scholarship.
  • Students must meet the eligibility requirements described above and preregister for the conference in order to compete.