Iowa Junior Academy of Science Online Handbook

Table of Contents

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1. IJAS Calendar of Events
2. Eligibility Requirements
3. Research Project Ideas

4. Submitting a Starr Research Grant Proposal

  • Preparing your Starr Research Proposal
  • Submitting your proposal
  • Claiming your Starr Grant Funding

5. Research Partnerships for Middle and High School Students

6. Registering for the IJAS Science Symposium/IAS Annual Meeting
7. IJAS Science Symposium Presentation Guidelines

8. Attending the IJAS Science Symposium/IAS Annual Meeting
9. Science Opportunities

  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Contests and Exams
  • College Visits
  • National Youth Science Camp
  • Outstanding Science Student Awards
  • Research Experience and Grants
  • Science Fairs
  • Science Opportunities for 6th to 12th Grade
  • IAS Visiting Science Program