Iowa Junior Academy of Science Online Handbook

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  • Applying for Starr Research Grants

  • How to do science research

  • Connecting with Iowa scientists for research guidance

  • Preparing for your poster and oral research presentations

  • How to qualify, register and present your research at the IJAS Science Symposium/IAS Annual Meeting
  • IJAS awards and recognition
  • Meeting other science students from across Iowa
  • The advantages of being part of the Iowa Junior Academy of Science

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IJAS Online Handbook

The IJAS handbook explains how middle and high school students may participate in the IJAS research program, including writing and submitting STARR Research Grants. IJAS encourages the development of research, oral presentation skills, writing skills, and presenting research in poster and oral formats.

IJAS encourages students to explore their interest in science with the help of Iowa scientists and science educators. IAS members enjoy volunteering their time to help students learn about the scientific process. IAS members are friendly, very knowledgeable and like to work with new or experienced students at all grade levels. 

The IJAS Science Symposium

The IJAS experience culminates at the IJAS Symposium. The symposium is held annually in April with the IAS Annual Meeting at one of Iowa's colleges or universities. Students present their research and receive feedback IAS professional members. The symposium is not the same experience as a science fair. Not only do students present their research, they meet Iowa scientists, science teachers, graduate and undergraduate students, and their peers from across Iowa and attend general sessions and symposiums that cover a variety of scientific topics. This connection with the IAS Annual Meeting is a unique science experience in Iowa.   

The IJAS Handbook

Below you will find the Table of Contents for the IJAS Handbook. the handbook covers many of the questions you may have about participating in the IJAS program. Some topics include step-by-step instructions. IJAS students use similar presentation guidelines required of professional scientists at national or international science conferences. These guidelines are outlined in detail in the handbook.

The IAS staff or any of our participating members will happily answer your questions. We welcome new or experienced students at all middle and high school grade levels. 

Participation in IJAS activities requires IJAS membership. Middle and high school students may join as an individual member, be part of an IJAS school membership, or participate in a program partnering with IJAS. Home school students are encouraged to participate.

IJAS Handbook Table of Contents

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An * indicates students must be IJAS members to  participate. IJAS programs are very affordable. Contact the IAS office if you have questions.

Scholarship Opportunities

IJAS Schedule

Check the IJAS schedule day-by-day.

Who is eligible to join IJAS?

Learn about IJAS, who may join, member opportunities, and join IJAS.

IJAS Research Opportunities

Lean how to apply for student research grants and review other research opportunities.

Submitting a Research Grant or Review Only Proposal

This includes step-by-step instructions on how to submit your grant proposal and the submission form.

Attending the IJAS Science Symposium
and the IAS Annual Meeting

This section shows how to submit your abstract, register, how to prepare your presentations, and includes tips about what to expect. 

Awards and Scholarships

Learn about the awards presented at the IJAS Science Symposium along with other awards that do not require IJAS membership. 

Request a Visiting Scientist

Would you like to have an IAS scientist visit your classroom? Here is how you do it.

Opportunities for IJAS members and Non-members

The list below includes activities made available to science students by organizations and academic institutions.

15. Science Opportunities