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SG 17-01 The Efficiency of Passive Solar Heating Part III
SG 17-02 Effect of Cooking and Microwaving on Antibacterial Properties of Herbs and Spices
SG 17-03 Engineered Environmental Containment Phase III: Turing Lemna Minor L. into a Natural Continual Source of Fertilizer
SG 17-04 Which Liquid will make the Said Pill Deteriorate the Fastest
SG 17-05 Run...Walk...Jump! How can Exercise Affect your Blood Sugar?
SG 17-06 Reducing Flouride in Water using Phytoremediation
SG 17-07 What is the Effect of Phytoremediation of Copper and Iron by Lemna minor (Duckweed), Elodea densa (Elodea), and Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) in Copper Sulfate and Iron Chloride Contaminated Water?
SG 17-08 The Effects of Different Types of Rocks found in Aquifers on the Hardness of Water
SG 17-09 The Effects of Water Agitation on Dissolved Oxygen Levels
SG 17-10 Natural Fish Habitats vs. Synthetic Fish Habitats
SG 17-11 The Science of Spherification (Phase III)
SG 17-12 Comparing Plant Growths to Fertilizers and Biochar
SG 17-13 The Bioremediation of Polluted Environments with the Application of Chlorella Vulgaris and Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Algae
SG 17-14 The Effects of Different Antibiotics when Introduced to Common Bacteria
SG 17-15 The Effects of Facial Cleansers on the Growth of E Coli
SG 17-16 The Effects of Radiation on Living Organisms
SG 17-17 How Fast can Sulfuric Acid Corrode Items?
SG 17-18 What Cures It Completely?
SG 17-19 The Testing of Daphnia magna when Introduced to Runoff and Motor Oils
SG 17-20 Effects of Acetic Acid on Glycine Max Drought Tolerance
SG 17-21 The Effects of Bioorganic Chemical Materials on Staphlyococcus Aureus: Phase II
SG 17-22 The Utilization of Sound Waves to Stimulate a Piezoelectric Effect
SG 17-23 The Effects of Ethyl Alcohol on Common Hand Bacteria : E Coli, Staphylococcus Epidermis, and Pseudomonas Fluorescens
SG 17-24 The Effects of Radiation on Zea Mays in a Natural Environment
SG 17-25 Engineering a Kinect-Based System for Automated Control of Terrestrial Insect Biobots
SG 17-26 The Observation of Surface Runoff with Planktonic Crustaceans and the Bioremediation of Freshwater Pollutants using Lemna minor and Chlorella vulgaris: Phase II
SG 17-27 Assessing the Efficiency for Zea Mays Growth and Acclimation Phase II
SG 17-28 Assaying Constituents of Dandelions and Utilizing Them to Continue to Combat Cancer
SG 17-29 Using Water Flow to Regulate the Efficiency of Geothermal Driveways
SG 17-30 Increased Conception Rates using Flexible Artificial Insemination Delivery System
SG 17-31 Increasing the Yield of Hydroponically Grown Cherry Tomatoes by Increasing the CO2 Intake
SG 17-32 Does a "Floating Island" Absorb Nitrates from Pond Water?
SG 17-33 Is there Bacteria Housed in your Water Heater?

Student Programs Committee

An EXCEL file with all reviews will be posted below.

The file contains 4 sheets: 
Import (Raw file of submitted reviews as downloaded from our website.
Master Sheet (Reviewer and Student Information and summary of each review with scoring.
Comments for Committee (Comments made by the reviewers meant only for the committee. The students received comments meant for them. You also have access to the student comments.
Funding Totals: This sheet summarizes the scoring and includes space for you to enter the award amount for each proposal as recommended by the committee. A running tally is automatically calculated. 

When reviews for the 2017 proposals are completed the IAS office will make an EXCEL file with a summary of the reviews available at the link below. The committee will use the summary to determine funding for the projects.

Contact information for members of the Student Programs Committee

Board Liaison – To be Determined

Chair: De Anna Tibben, Ames High School

Member: (Exp 2018) Muhammad Spocter; Des Moines University,
Member: (Exp 2018) Felicitas Avendano; Grand View University,
Member: (Exp 2019) Barbara Lemmer; Linn-Mar Community School District,
Member: (Exp 2019) Mike Goudy; Oskaloosa Community School District,
Member: (Exp 2020) Holly Showalter; Waukee High School,
Member: (Exp 2020) Rasika Mudalige-Jayawickrama; University of Dubuque,
Ex-officio, non-voting member: Kris Kilibarda, State Science Supervisor; IDOE