Areas of Scientific Research


The following disciplines are suggested to get students thinking about general areas of study. The student's grade, background, and previous experience will guide what might interest them. There are many possible areas in which to do research. Some of the best research projects are based upon what interests the student. This list is designed to get you thinking.

While Iowa Junior Academy of Science student research is not expected to be original some experienced student researchers conduct original research and occasionally make new discoveries. As students gain experience they become more confident about their work. IJAS provides hands-on science experiences and opportunities to meet and benefit from contact with Iowa scientists and science educators.

1. ANIMAL & HUMAN SCIENCES – The study of all animals and animal life (including humans), and the study of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease. This includes the studies of cells, cell processes and genetics. This also includes the study of the behavior of animals. It does not include the study of human behavior. See Human Behavior below.

2. BOTANY – The study of plants. This includes all aspects of genetics that involve plants or plant cells.

3. CHEMICAL SCIENCE – The study of matter, its properties and the changes it undergoes.

4. CHEMISTRY – The study of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems.

5. ECOLOGY/EARTH SCIENCES – The study of the environment alone and/or the interactions of living things with the environment and the study of the earth, structure of the earth and sciences related to the earth.

6. ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS – The study of the practical application of the design, materials, construction, and operation of physical systems, and any study relating to mathematics, statistics or computer programming.

7. ENGINEERING – The application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, materials, construction, and operation of efficient and economical physical systems. 

8. ENVIRONMENTAL & EARTH SCIENCE – The study of the effects resulting from the natural and/or man-made environment or effects from pollution factors. This also includes the study of the history of the earth, structure of the earth and its environment including archeology, geology, meteorology, oceanography, and paleontology. 

9. HUMAN BEHAVIOR – The study of all aspects of learning and behavior of humans.

10. MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE – The studies of problems in all mathematical areas; pure and applied statistics; and computers, computer programs, and programming.

11. MEDICINE & HEALTH – The study of the various sciences related to structure, function, and diseases of humans and laboratory animals.

12. MICROBIOLOGY & CELL BIOLOGY – Any aspect of the study of microorganisms (bacteria, protozoans, algae, and fungi); and the study of the cellular and subcellular levels involving chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology.

13. PHYSICAL SCIENCE – The study of matter and energy and the interaction between the two. This does not include chemical change and does include astronomy.

14. PHYSICS – The study of inanimate matter and energy relationships exclusive of chemical change. This also includes astronomy, the study of the science of the stars, planets, galaxies, and all other heavenly bodies, including the exploration of space by manned and unmanned spacecraft. 16. PSYCHOLOGY (PSY) – The study of all aspects of human thought processes and behavior.

15. PLANT SCIENCES & MICROBIOLOGY – The study of plants and plant life and the study of microorganisms. This includes the studies of cells, cellular processes and genetics as they pertain to plants or microorganisms.

16. ZOOLOGY – The study of invertebrates and vertebrates except for microorganisms. This includes animal but not human behavior and all aspects of genetics that involve animal or animal cells. 

Possible Research Projects

The ideas below come from several sources and may or may not be suitable as a final research project. Use them to develop your own questions, hypothesis, and investigations. IJAS members have access to Iowa scientists and science educators for comments and suggestions regarding their projects. Be sure to follow the STARR Research Proposal process as outlined in the IJAS Online Handbook. Each idea is linked to a more detailed explanation.



Are organic or inorganic fertilizers more effective?

Changing the Color of Flowers

Companion Planting

Comparing the competitive nature of roosters and hens

Comparison of growth rates of plants in and out of greenhouses

Do gases that are released in smoke enhance the germination rate of black pine seeds?

Do plants grow at different rates when given different plant foods?

Do plants grow faster when grown hydroponically instead of in soil?

Do plants grown faster hydroponically or in soil?

Does a pineapple grow best in sand, soil or water?

Does classical music help plants grow?

Does salt or sugar affect the growth of alfalfa seeds?

Does temperature affect the rate at which seeds sprout?

Does the size of kidney bean seeds affect the speed and success rate of germination?

Earthworms and plant growth

Effect of caffeine on plant growth

Effect of electricity on plant growth

Effect of fertilizer on plant growth

Effect of milk on plant growth

Effect of moisture on direction of root growth

Effect of water hardness on seed germination

Examining the effect of watering on plant growth

How do different cooking alternatives affect the Vitamin C content in vegetables?

How do microwaves affect seed germination?

How do moisture and earthworms affect the quality of soil?

How does acid rain affect seed germination?

How does nitrogen affect plant growth?

How does salt water affect plant growth?

How does temperature affect the rate of growth of algae?

How does the quality of soil vary from one county to another?

How is the growth of cauliflower plants affected by different salts?

How is the growth of strawberries affected by the soil PH level?

How to grow plants from fragmentation

How to grow your own mold

Ionizing radiation and plant growth

Is it more effective to sprout seeds in jars rather than in cloth?

Pavlovian conditioning in plants

Plant density and rate of growth

Plantfairies and plantmonsters: Adventures in Mendelian genetics

Soil types and water retention

Stoma density and pollution

Stoma density and water loss

The effect of vitamin D on plant growth

The effects of tap water, mineral water, and seltzer water on the germination and growth of radish seeds

The relationship between the pH level of soil and plant growth video

The Usefulness of Plant Growth Enhancers

What effect do magnets have on the growth of seedlings?

What effect do tobacco and alcohol have on seed germination?

What happens to plants when their environment gets over-crowded?

What is pH and how does it affect the suitability of soil for plant growth?

What is the best depth for growing bean plants in potting soil?

What is the best way of making sure that fertilizer is applied to a field of crops in a uniform and consistent manner?

What is the effect of gibberellic acid on plant growth?

What is transpiration and which plants have the greatest transpiration rates?

What is vegetable propagation and which are the best ways to do achieve this?

What the most drought resistant type of grass?

Which vitamin prevents antioxidants most efficiently in seeds?

Forensic Science

How do different Types of Soil Affect the Growth of a Pinto Bean?

The effect of surface temperature on fingerprints          

What environmental factors favor decomposition by soil microbes

Human Anatomy

A comparison of response time across genders - the "Ruler drop test"

Are You Fit? Testing Lung Capacity

Blue light and its Effects on the human Brain

Caffeine and Alertness

Can you determine the sex of a person by just looking at his/her feet?

Can You Taste With a Plugged Nose? How Smell Affects Taste   

Cold water and your voice

Do boys and girls have different resting pulse rates?

Do burning wood stoves induce or contribute to respiratory illnesses?

Do different types of sunblock have different protection strengths?

Do groups of people have different blood pressure readings?

Do people from different backgrounds have different lung capacities?

Do singers have a larger lung capacity than non-singers?              

Does caffeine raise a person's blood pressure?

Does jet-lag affect the performance of professional athletes?

Does the body become cooler more quickly with the help of a fan? If so, why?

Effect of carbonated drinks on the erosion of tooth enamel

Gender differences and lung capacity

Gender differences and olfactory perception

 How concerned are 7th graders with their health?

How does the iris work?

How does the pulse relate to the heartbeat and how does it differ when the body is in different positions?

How exactly do eyeglasses work?

How good is a person's sense of smell?

How hand-Eye coordination is influenced by age              

How quickly does the blood sugar level in our bodies change when high energy foods are consumed?

How to compare reflexes between different people

Is dieting risky?

Is our heartbeat affected by music?

Is there a blind spot in a human being's vision and if so, how can we find it?


Measuring hair growth rates and fiber strengths under different conditions

Observing blood cells

Our ability to identify natural and synthetic scents Featured science project

Recognition of Facial Expression

The Golden Ratio: The power of attraction

This experiment teaches you how to build your own homemade stethoscope and how to use it to measure a person's heartbeat

What are the best places on your body to measure your pulse?

What does phosphoric acid do to tooth enamel?

What is the cause of today's problems in the ozone layer?

What is the effect of different types of fluids on our kidneys?

What is the effect of music beat on a kid's blood pressure?

What types of alcohol have a greater dehydrating effect on our bodies?

Human Psychology – Education

Age and memory

Are boys better than girls at math?

Are poems with lots of rhythm, rhyme, and different sound devices easier to learn than those written in free verse?

Carbon dioxide and the acidification of our oceans

Classical music or silence

Comparing the reading abilities of boys and girls

Do we learn better by reading or listening?

Does eating your breakfast help you perform better in school?

Does music facilitate short term memory?

Does the gender of a baby affect its preference for toys?

Examine the stroop effect (the effect of color on visual selective attention) and does it affect men or women differently?

Examining the relationship between gender and short term memory

How much do students know about deforestation?

How much do students know about pollution?

How quickly do we respond to colors?

How well can a person remember things that he or she sees on television?

Imagination and gender               

Improving one's memory by story linking

Is colored or black & white text more easily remembered?

Is there such thing as a superior teaching method?


Aggressive Behavior: Going Head To Head With A Betta

Animal Night Vision

Are Ants Picky Over Their Food? Do They Have Any Preference?

Are You Deaf, Dog?

Are You Left Or Right Pawed?

Bacterial Transformation

Bird Beaks: What They Can Tell You About A Bird.

Can Fish Tell Time?

Can Mice Tell The Difference Between Bad-Tasting Food That's Laced With Lithium Chloride And Ordinary Food?

Comparing The Learning Abilities Of Hamsters And Mice

Comparing The Learning Abilities Of Male And Female Mice

Diffusion And Osmosis In Animal Cells

Digestion And Cat Food

Do Ants Produce Acid When Antagonised?

Do Ants React Differently In The Dark?

Do Changes In The Environment Such As Temperature And Light Affect Shrimp In Their Choice Of Habitats?

Do Cockroaches Have A Sense Of Direction?

Do Mealworms Move Differently On Different Types Of Surfaces?

Do Turtles Recognize Colors?

Does A Mouse Smell Or See Better?

Does Androstenedione Affect A Rodent's Weight?

Elodea And Goldfish

How Do Cats Respond To Bird Sound Recordings?

How Food Supplements Affect Weight Gain Of Juvenile Mice

How The Frequency At Which A Cricket Chirps Can Be Affected By External Factors

Is An Animal's Sleeping Habits Affected By Artificial Light?

Is Creatine Monohydrate The Most Effective Vitamin For Weight Gain In Mice?

Is It Possible To Tell When Mealworms May Be Out Of Breath? Is The Aging Process In Fruit Flies Affected By Oxygen's Radical Roles?

Life In The Trees: Leaf Munchers, Sap Suckers And Twig Mimics

Paw Preference In Pets

Rats! They Ate My Cables Again!

Scent And Fear

Show How Animals Hide Themselves From Their Enemies And Predators

Soil Fertility And Ants

Territorial Behavior Of Hamsters

The Effect Of Temperature On The Metamorphosis Of The Painted Lady Butterfly

The Effect Of Time Of Day On The Time It Takes A Hamster To Negotiate A Maze

The Learning Abilities Of Hamsters Who Have Been Showered With Affection

The Metamorphosis Of The Painted Lady Butterfly

The Odds Of Being You: A Zoomonster From Planet Planktonia

The Relationship Between The Size Of A Bird And Its Perching Behavior

Thermoregulation And Tropical Lizards

What Are Factors That Affect A Toad's Respiration?

What Are The Effects Of Heat, Moisture, And Ventilation Upon The Development Of The Chicken Embryo In An Incubator?

What Are The Effects Of PH On The Lifespan Of Tadpoles?

What Colors Are Birds Attracted To?

What Effect Does Ultraviolet Radiation Have On Butterflies?

What Is A Mealworm's Favorite Color?

What Is The Effect Of Light On A Crayfish?



Anti-Microbial Protection With Microban

Bacteria And Thawing Methods

Bacteria In Poultry Meat

Bacteria In Water Coolers

Bacteria On Chopping Boards

Bacteria Resistance To Antibiotics

Bacterial Resistant Materials And The Best Disinfectant

Compare The Effect Of Various Commercially Antibacterial Soaps On Bacteria

Comparing The Effectiveness Of Different Disinfectants Against Bacteria

Comparing Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria And Nitrogen Fertalizers

Concentration Of Disinfectant And Survivability Of Bacteria

Do Different Types Of Beef Contain Different Levels Of Antibiotic Additives?

Do Spices In Cooking Kill Microorganisms?

Does Bacteria Become More Resistant To An Antibiotic When Exposed Repeatedly To It?

Does Bacteria Content Increase In A Water Bottle When The Bottle Is Not Properly Washed.

Does Bacteria Obtained From The Feet Of Humans, Rabbits Or Chickens Grow The Fastest?

Examining The Effect Of Acidity And Alkalinity On Bacteria Growth Inhibition

Extreme Temperatures And Its Effect On The Growth Of Bacteria

How Dirty Are Your Dental Retainers? 

How Do Electric Fields Affect E.Coli Bacteria?

How Much Bacteria Do Our Hands Contain?

Insects And The Germs They Carry

Measuring Antimicrobial Effectiveness With Zones Of Inhibition

Solar Water Disinfection

Sunlight And Bacteria Growth In Aquatic Environments

The Effect Of Acids And Alkalis On Bacterial Growth

The Effectiveness Of Household Cleaning Agents For Killing Bacteria

What Is The Effect Of Chlorox On Bacteria

What Is The Effect Of Ultra Violet Light On Bacteria?

What Types Of Acne Medication Are Most Effective Against Acne Causing Bacteria?


Designing Indicators For Ecological Effects Of Bioremediation

How Do Different Temperatures Affect The Growth Of Fungi?

The Effect Of Environmental Factors On Wood Decay

The Effect Of Various Treatments On The Mold Growth Of Red D'Anjou Pears

The Fungus Among Us: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Mold Spore!

What Are The Effects Of Defoliation And Fungus On Plants And Soil Organisms In Experimental Legume-Grass Communities.

What Are The Effects Of Surfactants On Biodegradation And Bioavailability Of Contaminants In Soils?

What Is The Effect Of Acid Rain On Lichens?

What Is The Effect Of Lignin On Biodegradability?

What Is The Effect Of The Influenza A Virus Infection On Nasopharyngeal Colonization?


Effect Of The Murine Leukemia Virus Extended Packaging Signal On The Rates And Locations Of Retroviral Recombination

Examine The Transport Of Viruses During Artificial Recharge With Recycled Water

Explain The Cytopathic Effect Of Human Rhinovirus Infection On Hela Cells

Germs, Germ Everywhere!

How Does An Infectious Disease Spread?

What Are The Effects Of Physical And Geochemical Heterogeneity On Virus Transport In Aquifers (SGER)

What Is The Effect Of Bacteria Viruses In Agricultural Soils?

What Is The Effect Of The Influenza A Virus Infection On Nasopharyngeal Colonization?


What Is The Effect Of Different Carbohydrates On Yeast Fermentation?

What Is The Effect Of Selenium-Containing, Yeast-Based Foods On Rats?

What Is The Effect Of Ultraviolet Light On Yeast Fermentation?

What Is The Effect Of Yeast Culture On Rumen Fermentation?

What Is The Rate Of Fermentation Of Different Fruit Juices?


Medicine & Health


Can Mold Cause Allergic Reactions?

Development Of Food Intolerance In Atopic And Non-Atopic Families - Influence Of Maternal Nutrition And Infant Feeding Practice In Pre-Term Infants

Does Eating Eggs During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Have Any Influence On The Incidence Of Egg Allergy In Infants.

Investigation Of The Immunological Mechanism Inducing Cows’ Milk Sensitive Enteropathy

The Prevalence And Natural History Of Peanut Allergy And The Investigation Into Its Genetic Environment And Immunological Determinants

What Types Of Food Cause The Oral Allergy Syndrome?

Which Brand Of Furnace Filter Strains Air Particles Best?

Which Kinds Of Nasal Allergy Decongestants Dissolve The Quickest In Water And Stomach Acid


Acne Medication And Bacteria

Bacteria And Sweat

Compare The Effectiveness Of Different Body Lotions.

Determine The Effectiveness Of A Sunscreen Product By Measuring The Extinction Coefficient Of Its Active Ingredients.

Determining The Effectiveness Of Different Sunscreen Products In Blocking Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation

Effectiveness Of Sunscreens Against Ultra Violet Light Experiment

Foot Problems In Men And Women

Sunscreen Soap And UV Radiation

The Effect Of Shampoos On The Tensile Strength Of Hair


Age And Diabetic Neuropathy

Autism And Music

Comparing Obesity Among Different Races

Disinfectant Concentration And Bacteria Resistance

Does Sambucus Extract Help Cure The Flu?

Does Supplementary Vitamin C Prevent Colds?

Effectiveness Of Ginger Against Motion Sickness

Iron Supplements And Endurance

The Effect Of Different OTC Medications On The Survival Rate Of Daphnia

The Effect Of Mouthwash On Alpha Streptococcus

The Inhibitory Effects Of Camptothecin, A Topoisomerase I Inhibitor, On Collagen Synthesis In Fibroblasts From Patients With Systemic Sclerosis

What Types Of Mouthwash Will Be The Most Effective Against Bacteria?

What Types Of Soda Have The Worst Effect On Our Teeth?


Body Grounding And Sleep

Body Temperature And Thermometers

Can Body Temperature Tell Time Of Day?

Comparing Resting And Exercising Blood Pressure Of 7th Grade Students

Comparing The Performance Of Human Body Fat Measurement Devices

Comparing Two Types Of Music On The Naptime Resting Behavior Of Sleeping Childcare Children

Comparing Vertical And Horizontal Mattress Sutures

Cramming And Restful Sleep

Dissolving Tablets More Quickly

Do Canines Or Humans Have More Bacteria In Their Mouths?

Does Antibacterial Hand Soap Kill More Bacteria Than Non-Antibacterial Hand Soap?

Does Exercise Increase Vital Capacity?

Effect Of Practising Yoga On Blood Pressure

Effect Of Smoking On The Sense Of Smell

Effectiveness Of Nasal Dilators In Preventing Snoring

Examining The Effect Of Age On Hand-Eye Coordination

Examining The Relationship Between Lung Capacity And Age

How Does Body Mass Index Affect The Cardiovascular System?

How Does Sleep Affect Your Body's Functioning?

Influence Of Color On Blood Pressure

Is There A Correlation Between A Person's Looks And Friendliness?

Isotonic Drinks And Long-Distance Runners

Lung Capacity And Age

Music And Blood Pressure

Nail Polish Durability

Radiation From Cell Phones

Sleep And Academic Performance

Staining Of Teeth By Beverages

The Effects Of Antibiotics On Bacterial Growth

The Role Of Stress On Memory

Tick-Tock, Biological Clocks!

Using Daphnia To Study Caffeine And Heart Rate

Waterless Urinals And Hygiene

What Are The Most Effective Cleaning Agents For Our Teeth?

What Is The Change In Blood Pressure Due To Exercise For Two Age Groups?

Which Pain Reliever Has A Faster Dissolution Time: Brand Or Generic?

Which Works Best To Keep Skin Moist?


Aspirin Absorption In Carbohydrate Solutions

Can People Tell The Difference In The Taste Between Regular And Low Fat Foods?

Green Tea And Daphnia

Keeping It Chill

Orange Ripening And Vitamin C

Saturated Fat Levels In Different Types Of Cooking Oil

Sugar Intake And Weight Gain

The Effect Of Gatorade Vs. Water On 7th Graders' Pulse Rates While Exercising

The Effect Of Temperature And Air Exposure On The Ascorbic Acid Content Of Orange Juice

The Purpose Of This Experiment Was To Determine Whether Irradiation Had An Effect On The Nutritive Value Of Beef.

Tongue Sensitivity

Which Apple Type Changes In Sugar Content Most After Removal From Cold Storage?




Demonstrate The Effect Of The Enzyme Amylase On Starch

Determine If Translation And Transcription Of RNA In Cells Affects The Levels Of Ribonuclease H (Rnase H)

Determining The Properties Of Enzymes

Enzymes And Grease Traps

Examine The Interactions Of Class A And C ß-Lactamases As They Interact With ß-Lactam Antibiotics.

Factors Affecting Enzyme Reactions

How Temperature Affects The Catalase Enzyme

How Temperature Affects The Peroxidase Enzyme

Measure The Kinetic Parameters Of Invertase.

Purification Of Soybean Peroxidase

The Efficiency Of Lactase

Using Tea Leaves To Enhance Plant Growth

What Is The Dissolution Rate Of Lactase Pills

What Is The Effect Of Catalase On Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)


Can Plants Be Genetically Resistant To Heavy Metals?

Does Mass Affect The Emergence Of A Soybean Seed?

Generational Effects Of Acid Rain On Drosophila Melanogaster

How Widespread Is The Occurrence Of Spliceosomal Introns In The Nuclear-Encoded Rdna Of Lichen-Forming And Free-Living Members Of The Ascomycota

A Prescription For Success: Drugs & Your Genetics

The Effect Of Calcium On Hatching Brine Shrimp

Which Parent Affects Fingerprint Pattern Types More?

Molecular Biology

Are Soil Microorganisms Important For Plant Health?

Bacteria And Toothpaste

Bacteria In Your Toothbrush

Do Cell Sizes Differ, Depending On The Size Of The Organism?

Does Nature Prefers Strands And Helices In Building Biomolecules?

Examining The Effect Of Temperature On Bacteria

How Does Detergent Affect The Oil Absorbency Rate Of Polypropylene Pads? 

Manipulation Of PGE(2) Levels With Various Cytokines Of Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy

Nicotine And Cancer

Studying The GST-Y10 Protein: Is The C-Domain Resonsible For Histone Interaction?

The Effect Of Pollutants On Light Bioluminescent Bacteria

What Is The Effect Of Anhydrous Ammonia On The Dehydration Rate Of Plant And Animal Cells?


Aquatic Plants And Animals And The Acidification Of Our Oceans

Do Different Colors Of Light Affect Plants Differently?

Prove Increased Starch Increases The Process Of Photosynthesis In The Green Plant.

The Effect Of Different Light Wavelengths On Photosynthesis

What Side Of A Plant's Leaf Takes In Atmospheric Gases?

Plant Hormones

Determining The Effectiveness Of Sugar As Preservatives For Flowers

Examine The Effect Of Plant Hormones On Radish Seeds

How Does The Plant Hormone Rootone Affect Plant Growth?

What Effect Does Growth Hormone Supplementation Have On Irradiated Lima Beans.



Environmental Pollution

Are Carbon Filters Less Effective When The Water Contains More Chlorine?

Are Waters In Urban Areas More Poluted Than In Rural Areas?

Dissolved Oxygen And The Temperature Of Water

Do Detergents Affect Plant Growth?

Examine How Much Carbon Dioxide Is Produced By Different Gas Sources? This Helps Us Understand The Impact Of These Gas Sources On Global Warming.

How Can Plants Be Used To Measure The Level Of Air Polution?

How Do Increased CO2 Levels Affect Plant Growth?

How Do Oil Spills Affect Marine Life?

How Do Phospates Affect Oxygen Levels In Water?

How Much Pollution Can Water Take Before It Becomes Unsafe? Does This Differ Between Different Water Sources?

How Much Space Does Trash Occupy?

Is The Water Near Animal Pens Contaminated?

Pollution And Depth Of Water

River Pollution

The Effect Of Detergents On Brassica Rapa.

The Effect Of Gasoline Fumes On Plants

What Effect Does Ozone Have On The Growth Of Radish Plants?

What Factors Affect Air Pollution In Cities?

What Is Bioremediation And What Conditions Are Required For It?

What Is The Greenhouse Effect And How Can We Demonstrate It?

What Is The Relationship Between Turbidity Levels In Water And The Level Of Dissolved Oxygen?

What Type Of Car Anti-Freeze Is The Most Environment Friendly?

Food Science

A Comparison On The Contamination Of Wet And Dry Food

Comparing Regular Fat And Low Fat Food

Determining The Effectiveness Of Cinnamon Oil As A Natural Insect Repellent

Do Different Brands Of Orange Juice Contain Different Levels Of Vitamin C?

Does Controlled Atmosphere Storage Affect The Malic Acid And Starch Levels In Apples?

Does Cooking Deplete Levels Of Vitamin C In Vegetables?

Does Processed Food Produce More Gas?

Does The PH Level Of The Acid In Our Stomachs Affect The Digestion Of Proteins?

Effect Of Carbonated Drinks On Meat

Effectiveness Of Garlic In Fighting Bacteria

Exposure Of Baby Food And The Degree Of Contamination

Hay Horse!

How Accurately Do The Egg Producers Measure Their Eggs?

How Does Heat Affect The Coagulation Of Eggs?

How Does The Sugar Concentration Vary In Different Brands Of Apple Juices?

How Much Starch Do Common Foods Contain?

How To Determine The Nutritional Content Of Different Types Of Foods

Is It Possible To Make Jello Using Fresh Pineapples Instead Of Canned Pineapples?

Levels Of Carbohydrates In Different Varieties Of Milk

Make Your Own PH Indicator Using Vegetables

Make Your Own Soap

Nutritional Value Of Fast Food Restaurants

Powerful Nuts

Red Bull And Daphnia

The Most Effective Antacid

Turmeric As An Antioxidant

What Factors Affect The Yield And Composition Of Meat After Cooking?

What Is Baking Powder And What Is It Used For?

What Is The Effect Of Heat And Acids On Milk Proteins?


Acids, Bases, And Sea Shells

Can Lettuce Seeds Be Used As A Bioassay Medium For Testing Toxicity?

Comparing The Burning Speed Of Scented And Unscented Candles

Convection And Salinity: How Does Salinity Affect The Movement Of Water?

Corrosion Of Different Metals

Effect Of Temperature On Glow Sticks


How Does The PH Level Of Rainwater Differ From One Place To Another?

In Which Temperature Do Crystals Grow Best?

Is Soil A Type Of Electrical System?

Is The Burning Of Trash A Viable Alternative To Land-Fills?

Natural Insect Repellant

Recycled Water And Plant Growth

Single Displacement Reaction In Metals

The Effect Of Salt And Sugar On The Freezing Point Of Water

The Importance Of Ammonia In The Formation Of Salt Crystals

The Relationship Between Salinity And Temperature

What Are The Different Methods Of Purifying Water?

What Are The Effects Of Polyacrylamide And. Polyacrylate On Soil Erosion?

What Makes Phosphorescence Last Longer?

Which Additives Make The Strongest Gelatin?

Which Brand Of Cooking Spray Works Best?




Does The Angle At Which The Sun's Rays Fall On A Solar Cell Affect The Power That's Produced?

Effect Of Temperature On Battery Life

Effect Of Temperature On Conductivity And Resistance

Electromagnets And The Number Of Coils

How Does Animation Timing Affect Your Perception Of Game Action?

Hydropower Versus Wind Power

Soil Fertility And Conductivity

The Effect Of Different Electrodes And Electrolytes On Voltage

The Effect Of Temperature On Conductivity And Resistance

What Happens When Voltage Is Increased During Electrolysis?

What Materials Block Radio Waves Most Effectively?

What The Factors That Affect The Strength Of An Electromagnet?

Forces And Motion

Choosing The Best Bike Gear Ratio For Speed

Compare How Different Types Of Balls Bounce And Determine What Are The Factors That Contribute To This Difference

DC Motor Energy Loss

Determine Which Type Of Laminated Beam Is The Strongest

Effect Of Propeller Size On Thrust Produced

Factors That Affect The Transfer Of Force Through Saturated Soil

Fishing Line Strength

Golf Clubs, Loft Angle, And Distance: The Science Of Hitting

How Do Magnetic Fields Affect The Rate Of Flow Of Water?

How The Bernoulli's Principle Works For Different Shapes

Soap And Surface Tension

The Relationship Between The Shape Of A Parachute And Its Drop Velocity

What Is The Best Way To Configure Shock Absorbers?


Analyse The Different Heat Retention Capabillities Of Straw, Sand, Paper And Cloth

Do Different Brands Of Sunscreen Have Different Strengths?

Does The Brightness Of A Bulb Vary When Different Gases Are Used To Fill The Bulb?

How Does Wind Speed Affect How Quickly An Object Cools?

How Fast Do Different Types Of Wood Burn?

How Quickly Do Different Types Of Household Fabrics Burn?

Strength Of Different Construction Materials

The Efficacy Of Bioethanol Fuel

Which Materials Are The Best Insulators? What Factors Affect Insulation?


Color And Depth Of Water

Comparing The Effectiveness Of A Light Sensor And A Touch Sensor

Does The Viscosity Of Liquids Affect The Shape Of Droplets?

Does Your Cellphone Radiate?

Drumstick Material And Rebound Characteristics

Effect Of Temperature On Magnets

Effect Of Temperature On Viscosity

How Do Temperature Changes Affect A Tuning Fork's Frequency?

How Does Atmospheric Temperature Affect The Water Content Of Snow?

How Does The Size Of A Speaker Affect Its Frequency Response

Laser And Color Filter

Measuring Static Electricity

Ocean Currents And Weather

Osmosis In Eggs

Shirt Color And Protection From UV

What Color Can Be Seen Most Clearly Through A Fog?

What Is The Extent Of The Loss Of An Audio Signal Being Transmitted Through An Optic Cable, When The Cable Is Bent?

Solar Energy

Comparing Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

How Different Angles Of Incidence Of Solar Rays Impact The Performance Of A Solar Cell.

How Solar Cells Are Affected By Their Operating Temperatures