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STARR Research Grants

IJAS members are eligible to receive up to $200 from the STARR Research Grant Program to offset costs associated with their research. All students receive helpful comments about their proposals.

STARR Grant Proposal submission deadline:
Fall: Sunday, October 30, 2016
Spring: Sunday, May 21, 2017

IJAS Member Benefits

Students learn science by doing science. The IJAS program is suitable for middle or high school students conducting science research for the first time or experienced student researchers. All students benefit from this program. Scientists provide encouraging comments to help students develop and conduct their research. 

Starr Research Grant Program

  • Apply for funding and guidance from IAS scientists.
  • Apply for guidance without requesting funding.
  • Attend and present at science fairs and the IJAS Science Symposium/ IAS Annual Meeting.
  • Students are eligible for IJAS recognition and awards.
  • Open to students in public and private schools and home school students. 

Conduct Research through Partnerships

  • For middle and high school students participating in research with Iowa colleges and universities.
  • Students present their research at science fairs and the IJAS Science Symposium/IAS Annual Meeting.
  • Students eligible for IJAS recognition and awards.
  • Students are eligible through qualifying partnerships and membership in IJAS.

Observe a Science Symposium with Students and Professionals

  • For students wanting to observe the IJAS Science Symposium/IAS Annual Meeting without presenting research.
  • Attend the IJAS Science Symposium and observe student presentations.
  • Attend the IAS Annual Meeting, attend sessions, meet scientists, science educators, graduate and undergraduate students. 

IJAS members learn science research methods, receive mentoring from scientists, and participate in the IJAS Science Symposium at the IAS Annual Meeting.

The IJAS Online Handbook

Table of Contents

Applying for Starr Research Grants

  • Learn how to conduct science research
  • Submit research proposals to request funding and helpful comments
  • Submit research proposals for comments only
  • Students who receive Starr Research Grants automatically qualify for the IJAS Science Symposium


Research Proposals and Presentations

  • Science Research Project Ideas
  • STARR Student Research Grant Preparation Guidance
  • IJAS Presentation Guidelines at IAS Annual Meeting
  • STARR Proposal Review Criteria
  • Science Fairs
  • IJAS Calendar of Events and Deadlines


Learn about Opportunities

  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Contests and Exams
  • College Visits
  • Research Experience and Grants
  • Outstanding Science Student Awards
  • Out of State Opportunities
  • National Youth Science Camp
  • Science Opportunities for 6th to 12th Grade
  • Visiting Scientist Program

The IJAS Outstanding Science Student Award (OSSA)

Click on the OSSA Medal to learn more.

OSSA Medals_front.jpg

National Youth Science Camp

NYSC is for Iowa high school graduating seniors.
Membership in the Iowa Junior Academy of Science is not required.