Iowa Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Handbook

Preview of Contents for Non-Members

The IJAS Online Handbook provides helpful resources for IJAS members. Below you will a list of the resources available for students and teachers. The resources include opportunities for awards, scholarships, contests and exams, college connections, and more. New information will be added as it is received. If you know of events or other opportunities for IJAS students please contact the IAS office at 319-273-2581.

To view the information you must be an IJAS member through your school or as an individual.

Research Proposals and Presentations

  • Science Research Project Ideas
  • STARR Student Research Grant Application
  • STARR Proposal Review Criteria
  • Science Fairs
  • IJAS Research Presentations/IAS Annual Meeting
  • IJAS Event Calendar and Deadlines


  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Contests and Exams
  • College Visits
  • Research Experience and Grants
  • Outstanding Science Student Awards
  • Out of State Opportunities
  • National Youth Science Camp Application Process
  • Science Opportunities for 6th to 12th Grade
  • IAS Visiting Scientist Program