Starr Research Grant and Proposal Submission Page

Starr Grant Proposal Submission Deadline
Sunday, November 11, 2018

Use the forms on this page to upload Starr Research proposals, Proposal Authorization forms, and additional files at the request of IAS staff or Student Programs Committee.

This page accepts the following proposals:

Starr Research Grant Proposal: The Starr Research Grant program awards funds to help offset allowable project expenses and provides review comments to help students improve their projects.  Successful projects may receive up to $200. 

Starr Review Only Proposal: Proposals submitted to the Starr Review Only program are not considered for funding but receive valuable comments to improve their projects.

Partnership Programs:  Students doing research with the FESIRSE Research Program or the State Hygienic Laboratory Program should collaborate with scientists in those programs. However you are required to follow the IJAS Presentation Guidelines when presenting at the IJAS Science Symposium. See the IJAS Handbook for details.

List of Forms on this Page

  • Form 1: Starr Research Proposal Submission Form
    Accepts Starr Research Grant and Starr Review Only proposals.

  • Form 2: Starr Proposal Authorization Upload Form
    Accepts signed authorization forms for Starr research submissions.

  • Form 3: IAS General Upload Form
    Accepts forms requested by the IAS staff and the Student Programs Committee.

Read the form descriptions and fill out forms below.

Form 1: Starr Research Proposal Submission Form

Submit STARR Research Grant and Review Only research proposals using the form below. Proposals are accepted for individual and team projects.

Because the form adjusts to your entries please confirm the following entries before completing the form.

  • "Membership Type"

  • "Project Type"

  • "Number of Researchers" (if a team project)

The form must be completed and submitted in one sitting. You are not allowed to save the form and finish it later.

Fill out my online form.

Form 2: Starr Proposal Authorization Upload Form

Print the confirmation email you received after submitting your proposal and obtain all required signatures. This becomes your Proposal Authorization Form. Upload the form as a PDF using the upload tool found below. You may also mail the signed form to the Iowa Academy of Science. It must be received within 7 business days after your proposal submission. Once you have returned it your STARR Research Grant submission is complete. You will receive a confirmation email from the Academy. Please direct questions to the Iowa Academy of Science at 319-273-2021 or email

Fill out my online form.

Form 3: IAS General Upload Form

Only use this form if requested by the Iowa Academy of Science office. Forms may be submitted without filling out Form 1 or Form 2. Notify the IAS office if you upload files using this link.