Step 1: Need research ideas?

The ideas below are provided as possible research topics. It is not meant to be a complete list and you are not limited to these ideas! We will be adding many more suggestions in the near future. We hope reading these suggestions will inspire you think of your own topics to investigate or you may use or modify these ideas. 

Step 2: Preparing Your STARR Research Grant Proposal

Read these helpful hints to learn how to make a successful STARR Grant submission. An important part of submitting a research proposal is being able to follow directions. Our reviewers must read many proposals so writing a clear concise grant proposal helps the reviewers evaluate your proposal favorably and it shows that you are able to communicate clearly. Learning to communicate is an important part of science.

Step 3: Submit Your Proposal

Access the submission form by clicking on the button below. The form helps you submit your proposal step by step.

Step 4: IJAS Research Presentation Guidelines

It is very important to learn how to make poster and oral research presentations. Scientists communicate by writing and by making oral and poster presentations at professional meetings. The Iowa Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Annual Meeting is held with the Iowa Academy of  Science Annual Meeting. The meeting is a science symposium rather than a science fair. It is a professional conference attended by Iowa scientists and science educators which provides a friendly encouraging atmosphere for your presentations.  You have the opportunity to present your research with other Iowa students and attend presentations and meet national, regional, and Iowa scientists.  The IAS Annual Meeting is a unique experience and one that we highly recommend. Your IJAS registration entitles you to attend part or all of the IAS Annual Meeting.

Step 5: Claiming Your STARR Grant Funding

Students are encouraged to attend a regional or the state fair and the IJAS symposium. They are different experiences and each experience is excellent. The IJAS symposium is held with the IAS Annual Meeting, Iowa's only professional general science meeting. Students experience a professional meeting and meet Iowa scientists and fellow students from across the state. 

1. Present your Research

Before Starr Grant recipients receive their check they must present at either a regional or the State Science and Technology Fair or at the IJAS Science Symposium.  A list of approved science fairs is found under Science Opportunities near the bottom of this page.

2. Provide Proof of Attendance

Students who attend a regional or state science fair (but not the IJAS symposium) must provide proof of attendance. Verification of participation could be a program, newspaper clipping, or photograph of you at your display. 
NOTE: Students who attend the IJAS symposium are not required to provide proof of attendance to receive funding. 

3. Request your Funding

Students needing to provide proof of attendance must fill out the Starr Grant Request for Payment form below. Unless otherwise indicated the check will be made out in your name and sent to your school or the address provided in your membership profile. For projects by two students, each student will receive a check for half of the grant award.  

Submit your claim for funds by the second Friday in May.   You may request your grant award any time after you have presented your project and before the deadline.  Please note that you are not required to submit receipts.  

It is the responsibility of the student to claim their funding award by the deadline. Starr Grant recipients who present at the IJAS symposium automatically receive their payment. 

STARR Grant Request for Payment

For Starr Grant recipients who present at a regional or the State Science and Technology Fair
but not the IJAS Science Symposium.

Click on the button below to submit your request for payment to the Iowa Academy of Science.