IAS Logo - A Symbol of Our Legacy

Since being formed in 1875 the Iowa Academy of Science has developed into a multidisciplinary state scientific society whose membership encompasses individuals from many walks of life. This diversity finds commonality in the four-part theme for the Centennial Observance. The Centennial Committee created a logo that includes the four aspects of the theme which it feels will transcend the next century. The four spokes made up of the letters i-a-s begin in the center with "i" for Iowa and extend outward to include the other two letters which are the initials for "academy" and "science," referring to the body of Iowans involved in many aspects of science education, teaching, and research. At the periphery of the logo are four "trianguloids" each with an individual design. The lower right symbol implies the importance of the interaction of "people-kind" - both man and woman - in every endeavor concerning the quality of life. The upper right symbol emphasizes the center of our solar system and the primary source of energy and maintenance of life. The lower left symbol depicts the basic structure of all matter. The upper left symbol is an oak leaf portraying our environment and its strengths and weaknesses. The symbols and letters are so arranged so as to harmonize all of these ideas in a simple and appropriate logo.