Iowa Science Foundation

Grant proposals are accepted continuously.
The deadline is January 31st for one year projects beginning on July 1st. 

The Iowa Science Foundation is a state-supported grant program administered by the Iowa Academy of Science. IAS accepts ISF grant proposals for projects which further science in Iowa. ISF proposals are accepted in three areas:

  • improving public understanding of science

  • improving science teaching

  • direct support for scientific research

For more information download a copy of the ISF Brochure and the ISF Guidelines below. Carefully read the information before submitting a proposal. The Iowa Science Foundation currently distributes $40,000 per year with up to $5,000 allowed per grant. Typically about 12 grants are awarded annually. The submission deadline for awards is January 31st. Grants are awarded for the period of July 1 to June 30th annually. Grantees must prepare a mid-term report and a final report. Funds are awarded as reimbursements. Successful proposals must be submitted to the Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science or presented at the IAS Annual Meeting. See the ISF Guidelines and the Agreement Template below for more information.

Proposals are reviewed by the Iowa Science Foundation Committee of the Academy with the help of additional reviewers. A minumum of three reviews is required for each proposal. You will be notified of the committee decision in March. Please direct questions about the process to the Executive Director of the Iowa Academy of Science. 


Learn about the Iowa Science Foundation Grant Program


Submit a Proposal

ISF proposals are now being accepted for the 2020 - 2021 grant year.
The submission deadline is January 31, 2020.


If Your Project is Funded - What's Next?

When a project is funded the next step is to sign the ISF Agreement. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of the Principal Investigator and the supporting institution or organization. You may view the template of the agreement by clicking below. The form is sent to the Principal Investigator by the Iowa Academy of Science and must be signed by the Principal Investigator, the authorized organizational administrator, and the Executive Director of the Iowa Academy of Science. Work may begin on the project once the Agreement has been signed.

When you receive your Agreement Form from the Iowa Academy of Science it must be signed by the Principle Investigator and the Authorized Administrator. Use the upload tool below to send the Agreement to the Iowa Academy of Science. The Executive Director of the Academy will sign the form and return a copy to you.


Your Responsibilities

The responsibilities of Principle Investigators and institutions or organizations are outlined on the Agreement Form (see template above) and in the ISF Guidelines (also above). Funding is granted through a reimbursement process.

Volunteer to Review Iowa Science Foundation Proposals

The Academy needs reviewers for proposals submitted to the Iowa Science Foundation. Please use the form below to apply. You will be contacted by the IAS staff with more information.

Volunteering to be a reviewer does not obligate you to review proposals. When you are contacted by the IAS staff you will have the opportunity to learn more about the process. We match reviewers with proposals in their area of expertise. Your reviews will be conducted using an online form that guides your evaluation. Our goal is to have enough reviewers so the work load is light for everyone. If you decide not to accept proposals we understand. There is always next time.

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Iowa Science Foundation Committee

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