Iowa Science Foundation Funded Projects

2016 Awards

  • ISF Number, PI, Title, Institution, Amount Funded
  • ISF 16-04, Janzen, Epigenetic Responses to Environmental Variation under Environmental Sex Determination: Epigenetic Inheritance, Iowa State University, $4,956.00
  • ISF 16-07, Cooper, Determining Mechanical Properties of Cytoskeletal Structure using Atomic Force Microscopy in an Organism with both Single-cell and Multicellular Forms, Loras College, $4,924.00
  • ISF 16-08, Fang, The direct effect of IL-29 on proliferation, apoptosis and senescence of prostate cancer, Des Moines University, $2,667.97
  • ISF 16-09, Spocter,  Asymmetries in the amygdala of the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes): Correlates with language areas and insights into neurodevelopmental disorders, Des Moines University, $3,500.00
  • ISF 16-13, Coombs, Characterizing a Potential Therapeutic Avenue in Laminopathic Muscular Dystrophy, Waldorf University, $4,550.00
  • ISF 16-15, Hall, Understanding Self-Thinning in Aspen Trees to Improve Bioenergy Yields, Iowa State University, $4,750.00
  • ISF 16-16, Bartelt, Measuring the Landscape Genetics of Eastern Tiger Salamanders Among Restored Wetlands on a Midwestern Agricultural Landscape, Waldorf University, $4,614.00
  • ISF 16-19, Dinsmore, Stopover Ecology of the Least Sandpiper in Iowa, Iowa State University, $3,250.00
  • ISF 16-20, Sherrard, Productivity and resistance to weed invasion in prairie biomass feed stocks, University of Northern Iowa, $3,578.00
  • ISF 16-21, Mudalige-Jayawickrama, Discovering the freezing tolerance mechanism of the native orchid Aplectrum hyemale, University of Dubuque, $4,976.00

A total of 25 proposals were submitted in 2016 requesting a total of $116,755.13. The Iowa Science Foundation funded 10 proposals totaling $41,765.97.

2015 ISF Awards

  • ISF Number, PI, Title, Institution, Amount Funded
  • ISF 15-01, LaGier, Microbial Genomics as a Platform to Engage Iowa Undergraduates in New Learning Opportunities, Grand View University, $4,205.00
  • ISF 15-07, Kang, Think BIG - Enhancing Iowa’s Food Future: Teaching Science through a Project-based Experience, University of Northern Iowa, $4,051.50
  • 15-09, Nguyen, Viricidal Activity of MST-312 and EGCG, Des Moines University, $4,500
  • 15-10, McClenahan, The bovine P2X7 receptors response to extracellular ATP, University of Northern Iowa, $4,937.11
  • 15-11, Bronikowski, Genetic and ecological determinants of behavioral phenotypes in garter snakes (Thamnophis spp.), Iowa State University, $4,912.00
  • 15-13, Adrain, Digitizing the University of Iowa Paleontology Repository’s Amoco Conodont Reference Collection, University of Iowa, $3,520.00
  • 15-14, Beitz, miRiNA in infant formula: A novel nutraceutical, Iowa State University, $592.00
  • 15-15, Meyer, Tools of the Tardigrade Trade: Microscope Upgrade for Water Bear Identification and Ecological Investigation, Simpson College, $2,500.00
  • 15-16, Janzen, Transgenerational effects of maternal stress in the painted turtle, Chrysemes picta, Iowa State University, $1,000.00
  • 15-18, Reding, Impacts of a single-turbine wind facility on bat activity and fatality in northeastern Iowa, Luther College, $4,900.00
  • 15-19, Bartelt, Measuring the Response of Eastern Tiger Salamanders to Wetland Restoration on a Midwestern Agricultural Landscape, Waldorf College, $5,000.00
  • 15-21, Norris, Twenty-year Resurvey of Woody Vegetation in Northeast Iowa Permanent Plots II: Backbone, Bluffton Fir Stand, Brush Creek Canyon and Fish Farm Mounds, Western New Mexico University, $3,766.00

2014 ISF Awards

  • ISF Number, PI, Title, Institution, Amount Funded
  • ISF 14-01, Senchina, Showing Students the Science Under Their Feet: Three Experiments for Undergraduate Teaching, Drake University, $3,450.00
  • ISF 14-02, Stoynoff, A Complete Inventory of the Putnam Museum Herbarium, Putnam Museum, $1,215.00
  • ISF 14-03, Neiman, Evaluating the influence of polyploidy and asexuality on patterns of genome evolution, University of Iowa, $5,000.00
  • ISF 14-05, Hill, Extinction of Elk-Moose in Iowa: Chronology, Context, and Cause, Iowa State University, $4,020.00
  • ISF 14-06, Lensink, High Resolution Mapping and Geophysical Survey, $4,561.63
  • ISF 14-07, Stone, Using the Next Generation Science Standards to Improve Science Instruction in Iowa Science Classes, University of Northern Iowa, $4,550.00
  • ISF 14-11, Hammond, Science Saturdays, Cedar Rapids Science Center, $2,500.00
  • ISF 14-12, Baack, Using Next Generation DNA sequencing technologies to reveal relationships among perennial species of sunflowers, Luther College, $5,000.00
  • ISF 14-13, Norris, Floristic Survey of Backbone State Park (Delaware Co.) Iowa, Western New Mexico University, $3,690.00
  • ISF 14-16, Bixler, Behavioral plasticity in the aggregation of egg-laying by Drosophila melanogaster, Clarke University, $5000.00
  • ISF 14-19, Higgins, Maker Faire 2015, Science Center of Iowa, $2,500.00
  • ISF 14-20, Bryan, Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in the Missouri River near Sioux City, IA, Briar Cliff University, $5,000.00

2013 ISF Awards

  • ISF 13-02, Clark, Barcoding the cup fungi of Iowa, Iowa State University, $4991.00
  • ISF 13-03, Debinski, Seasonal Succession of Floral Resources and Butterfly Community Responses in Different Grassland Habitats: Implications for Pollinator Conservation in the Tall Grass Prairie Region of the U.S.A., Iowa State University, $5,000.00
  • ISF 13-04, Reding, Population genetics of gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) in the Midwest, USA, Luther College, $4,950.00
  • ISF 13-05, Chandler, Passenger Pigeons Return to Roost: Conservation and Exhibition of the Putnam Museum's Collection of Extinct North American Birds, $3,290.00
  • ISF 13-07, Bronikowski, Mechanisms of Thermal Adaption and Acclimation in Garter Snakes (Thamnophis spp), Iowa State University, $5,000.00
  • ISF 13-09, Lynch, Botanical surveys of rare plant communities in northeastern Iowa, Luther College, $4,980.00
  • ISF 13-10, Neiman, Evaluating Phenotypic Consequences of Accelerated Mutation Accumulation in the Absence of Sex, University of Iowa, $5,000.00
  • ISF 13-15, Duric, Role of MAP Kinase Phosphatase 1 (MKP-1) in the Pathophysiology of Depression, Des Moines University, $5,000.00

2012 ISF Awards

  • ISF 12-01, Jelsma, Analyzing the Potential for Inbreeding and Outbreeding Depression in Butterfly Milkweed(Asclepias tuberosa) on Iowa Native Prairies, Dordt College, $4,800.00
  • ISF 12-02, Janzen, Development and Evolution of a Novel Body Plan: The Turtle's Shell, Iowa State University, $4,900.00
  • ISF 12-03, Nguyen, Telomerase Inhibition During Herpes Simplex Virus Infections, Des Moines University, $4,900.00
  • ISF 12-04, Spocter, Mans' best friend and the neural substrate supporting social cognition in canids: Domestication, convergent evolution and insights into the emergence of human sociality, Des Moines University, $5,000.00
  • ISF 12-08, Walters, Engaging high school students in authentic scientific work through inquiry-based field studies of an urban, impaired water body, Price Laboratory School, $3,900.00
  • ISF 12-09, Fairbanks, Bison Mediated Seed Dispersal, Iowa State University, $4,922.00
  • ISF 12-10, Coombs, Screens for novel compounds with antibacterial efficacy towards methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Waldorf College, $2,578
  • ISF 12-13, Beitz, Free Radical Generation Differential, Scanning Calorimetry (FRG-DSC): A Novel and Reliable Method for Assessing Oxidative Stability and Predicting Shelf Life of Milk, Iowa State University, $5,000.00
  • ISF 12-14, Norris, Ten-Year Analysis of Change in Herbaceous Vegetation in Northeast Iowa Forests Phases II and III, Western New Mexico University, $3,900.00
  • ISF 12-15, Schmidt, Effects of Boric Acid on Eukaryotic Metabolism, Des Moines University, $4,000.00