Iowa Science Foundation Proposal Submission


Begin the ISF Online Submission Process

IMPORTANT: Read ISF Guidelines for the Preparation of Proposals before writing your proposal. If you have questions please contact the IAS office.


The following forms must be submitted for your proposal to be complete:

  1. Application/Cover Page/Project Summary: Submit online. The deadline is January 31st.
  2. Proposal Narrative. Submit online. The deadline is January 31st.
  3. Signed Project Authorization form:  Must be received by the Iowa Academy of Science no later than 7 days after the ISF submission deadline.

Directions for completing these forms are found below.

STEP 1 of 3: Application
Cover Page and Project Summary

The form below serves as your proposal Cover Page and Project Summary (see ISF Guidelines). After submitting this form you will receive a confirmation email which serves as your Proposal Authorization Form. The Proposal Authorization Form must be signed and returned to the IAS office no later than 7 days after the ISF submission deadline. It may be uploaded in STEP 3 below or returned by mail. Instructions are included in the confirmation email.

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STEP 2 of 3: Proposal Narrative Form

The Proposal Narrative is the body of your submission. The main elements are listed below. 

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Project Description
  3. Bibliography
  4. Biographical Sketches
  5. Budget
  6. Facilities
  7. Special Considerations - Research Projects

In general the Iowa Academy of Science prefers file uploads to be PDFs but acceptable file formats include: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, & .xlsx. 

Other forms which may needed to complete your submission:

  • Human Subjects Certification, if required
  • Recombinant DNA Certification, if required
  • IACUC approval, if required


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STEP 3 of 3: Project Authorization Upload Form

The Project Authorization Form is sent in the confirmation email from STEP 1. It must be completed and signed by the Principal Investigator and the Authorized Organization Representative. It may be converted to a PDF and uploaded here or returned by mail to the IAS office within 7 days of the ISF submission deadline or the application is incomplete.

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