Candidate for Vice Chair

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Amanda Schiller Candidate Biography

Eric Hall

My name is Amanda Schiller and I am running to be Vice-Chair for ISTS.  I have been a part of ISTS for as long as I can remember with a special thanks to my father for getting me involved at such a young age.  I have been teaching Science for 14 years.  I currently teach 7th and 8th grade Science with one class of a high school Research and Design course (STEM research) at Van Buren Community Schools in Keosauqua.  I am actively involved in many professional associations and also in many staff development leadership activities within my school district.  

My philosophy of teaching asserts students are entitled to quality instruction in an active and stimulating environment.  As I reflect on my beliefs regarding teaching and learning, I find my mission as a teacher contains several set goals:  1. To promote positive learning; 2. To spark learner enthusiasm for learning; 3. And to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning.  To accomplish my mission, I apply a wide variety of strategies based on essential educational principles encompassing cognitive functioning, learning theory, diversity issues, instructional planning and assessment.

My love for teaching and learning has grown following those basic principles.  I have discovered, by sharing my passion for teaching and learning, and using these principles with enthusiasm and empathy connects with learners.  Students have excelled within and outside my classroom.  A result, teaching with clarity, passion, empathy, and sincere enthusiasm, effectively impacts learners ultimately connecting them to their passion of being lifelong learners. 

Being a part of ISTS will provide wonderful opportunities for myself, my students, and colleagues.  Serving as Vice-Chair for ISTS will open new doors to enhance my educational profession.

Thank you for your consideration,

Amanda Schiller