Science Expos

Each year, the Iowa Academy of Science’s Iowa Science Teaching Section (ISTS) organizes a fall conference.  This year’s fall conference - branded the  “Elements of STEM” conference - will take place on October 8-9, 2017.  Our pre-conference events will take place on Sunday the 8th and the full-day conference will be held on Monday the 9th The location for the Elements of STEM conference is the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny, IA. 
We would like to invite you to participate in our conference as an Elementary Expo Exhibitor. We are looking for educators who exemplify high-quality, student-centered instruction to model examples of successful preK-5 activities for our inaugural Elementary Science Expo. This Elementary Science Expo will have a come and go “share-a-thon” feel with individual exhibits at round tables within a ballroom. The format will be interactive table exhibits that allow teachers to browse and explore sample activities that have worked well for other teachers. Doing so will provide elementary teachers with inspiration for creating their own science lessons that are tailored to fit their own classrooms’ locale and opportunities specific to the school’s geographic location.  We know you have a wealth of knowledge around STEM teaching and learning, and encourage you to share that knowledge with your colleagues from around the state.  
We are looking for Expo exhibits that:

● Model examples of hands-on activities (in order to draw attendees interest) related to high-quality, student-centered lessons you have done in your classroom.  

● Connect to the new Iowa Science Standards and NGSS (via content, science and engineering practices, and conceptual learning)

● Share specific tips or resources for gaining science content knowledge so that teachers might feel more comfortable providing science experiences to his/her students

● Exemplify student-centered investigations that allow students to pursue answers to their own questions over time

● Share ways teachers support students in asking good questions during an investigation

● Provide a handout to give to attendees that includes a lesson description and assessments so attendees can modify the activity for their classrooms
Should your exhibit require electricity, please know there is limited access to electrical outlets and access will be awarded based on timestamp of proposal submission. 
Please remember that expo exhibitors will need to submit a description of their activity and register for the Elements of STEM conference, as usual. We hope you’ll consider joining us for a fantastic day of professional learning around the essential elements of a STEM classroom and STEM instruction.   
Lisa Chizek, ISTS Elementary Expo Chair