IJAS Outstanding Science Student Award

The Outstanding Science Student Award is designed to honor one deserving senior high school student from each IJAS member high school. Each OSSA winner receives an Outstanding Science Student medallion engraved with his/her name and a certificate.

Requirements for Recipients

IJAS member schools may nominate one or more senior students for the OSSA.  If one student is nominated, the student will be awarded the OSSA for that school. If more than one student is nominated by a member school, then the IAS Student Programs Committee shall review all nominations from the school and select one student as the winner. OSSA nominations must be received by the first Friday in March to be considered. Awards are delivered to the school by mid-April, in time for presentation at the senior assembly of the school.

Minimum criteria for each OSSA recipient:

  • Graduating senior status
  • Eight semesters of science in grades 9-12, including chemistry
  • Minimum grade point average of B in all science courses
  • High school rank in the top 25% of graduating class
  • Involved in out-of-class science activity(s) (may include: science fairs, science club, laboratory assistant, 4-H demonstrations, Envirothon, etc.)

The OSSA Award is a bronze metal cast with the logo of the Iowa Academy of Science on top. The statement 'Outstanding Science Student Award, Awarded to [Student's engraved name]' is printed on the back. The metal is approximately 3 inches in diameter and is suitable for framing.

2-STEP Nomination Process

STEP 1: Submit the OSSA Nomination Form.

OSSA Nomination Form

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STEP 2: Submit the OSSA Verification Form.

OSSA Verification Form

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