Professional Membership
in the Iowa Academy of Science

There are several individual membership categories in the Iowa Academy of Science. 

Professional Member - Is a person who works as a science professional. Professional members pay full dues, receive IAS publications, mailings, emails, and have access to the Members Only section of the website. They pay a reduced rate at IAS events. Professional Members have voting rights and may serve in elected office and on committees.

General Membership - This membership type is for individuals with an interest in science and the goals of the Iowa Academy of Science. They pay 50% of the Professional Member rate, receive IAS publications, mailings, emails, but do not have access to the Members Only section of the website. They pay a reduced rate at IAS events. They do not have voting rights and cannot hold elected office or serve on committees.

Student Member - Student members must be currently enrolled full-time in an institution of higher learning. Student members may be asked to provide proof of full-time status. Student Members pay 1/2 the annual membership dues and 1/2 the Annual Meeting registration fee. Students are non-voting members of the Academy.

Fellow - Nominated by the membership and elected by the Board of Directors from those members who have provided meritorious service to the Academy and effective promotion of science in Iowa. Fellows remain Fellows as long as they maintain membership. This is an honor with the same privileges and responsibilities as a Professional Member.

The Board of Directors solicits nominations for Fellow from the membership in the fall of each year. Download the Fellow Brochure below for information on how to nominate an IAS Member for Fellow. The deadline for nominations is the second Friday in January. Nominations are accepted throughout the year for the next nomination cycle.

Other individual membership categories.

Distinguished Fellow - The Distinguished Fellow award is the highest honor the Academy can bestow upon an individual, and is intended to recognize exceptional scholarly activity and/or exceptional service to the scientific community at the national and international levels. Although the individual need not be a current resident of Iowa, his/her background and accomplishments should, in some manner, relate to Iowa. Life membership is bestowed to all Distinguished Fellows. See Distinguished Awards for more information.

Life Member/Life Fellow - Any member or Fellow may become a life member by paying 15 times the current dues in one lump sum payment or donating $1000 to the Benchmark fund (in one to four annual payments). A life member is exempt from future dues, but must pay for registration to the Annual Meeting.

Emeritus Member/Emeritus Fellow - Any person who has been a member in good standing for 15 consecutive years (or is a life member) and has retired may request Emeritus status. Emeritus Members do not pay annual dues and receive free registration to the Annual Meeting. Emeritus Members do pay for meals, tour fees, etc. An Emeritus Member/Fellow receives the Journal and all other general mailings.

All members in individual membership categories (above) may join up to 4 sections of the Iowa Academy of Science