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Project WET is an interdisciplinary water education program intended to supplement a school's existing curriculum. The goal of Project WET is to facilitate and promote the awareness, appreciation, knowledge and stewardship of water resources through the development and dissemination of classroom ready teaching aids and through the establishment of state sponsored Project WET programs.

Project WET Iowa Mission Statement

To provide Iowa educators with professional development opportunities and resources related to local and global water issues by developing a network of Project WET educators and empowering all water users to affect responsible actions regarding water-related issues. Meet the people and sponsors behind Iowa Project WET.

Project WET Pre-service Educator Workshops in Iowa

REAP-CEP provided the Academy funding through the past fiscal year to support the professional development of Iowa's preservice educators in Project WET at no cost to the preservice students. Participants experience activities that focus on understanding the water cycle, the physical and chemical properties of water, water as a natural resource and natural resource management and provide a model for integration of Environmental Education into science, social studies and other subjects. Participants receive the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide. Contact Eve Halligan, for additional information and to schedule a workshop for the pre-service course.

Inservice Educator Workshops -
Custom WET Workshops. Project WET Custom workshops are designed specifically to fit the needs of the participants. Examples of past custom workshops include:

  • a water cycle workshop for 2nd grade Cedar Falls Community School teachers who were getting a new science textbook
  • a workshop focusing on learning about Iowa water resources and building teamwork skills for teachers, aides and students of Castle Hill Elementary in Waterloo
  • a watersheds, mapping and land use change workshop for a university geography course

Custom workshops can be sponsored by a school district, a school, a county conservation board or other institution. Sponsors generally provide the location to host the workshop, advisement/participant recruitment and sometimes financial support to reduce the cost to individual participants. Generally the participants fund the workshop through a registration fee. Download this Custom Project WET Workshops document for more information and contact Eve Halligan ( to plan your own Project WET Workshop.

Project WET Education Resources

The cornerstone of the Project WET program is the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide, 91 hands-on interdisciplinary activities which broadly cover all aspects of water. This guide is only available through workshops (see above). The Project WET Foundation publishes many other guides for educators and students about specific water topics. These supplementary guides can be purchased directly from Project WET or can be selected as the focus of a custom Project WET Iowa workshop and are provided to all participants (often at a reduced cost).

Project WET Resources especially of interest in Iowa include:

  • Healthy Water, Healthy People (activities to accompany a water quality monitoring project)
  • WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands (activities and background on wetlands)
  • Discover a Watershed: Watershed Managers Guide
  • Discover a Watershed: The Missouri
  • Discover Floods
  • Activity Adaptions and Supplements

Research and Evaluation

Additional Resources