Project WET & Explore More: Water Quality

What is Explore More?

Explore More is an Iowa Public Television educational resource for students to investigate four issues important to all Iowans: water quality, genetic engineering, sustainable environments, and the future of energy. Videos, Web sites, ICN events, and teacher resources combine to make this an engaging experience for your middle school or high school classroom.

Project WET Teachers, use this page to select Project WET activities to implement with each segment of the Explore More Water Quality Video. Visit the Explore More Water Quality website for more information about the video, in-depth content, student analysis of issues, video clips and transcripts from stakeholders and experts, career connections, webquests, discussion questions, links, a calendar of events and more.

Are you interested in using Project WET with Explore More but don't have a Project WET Activity and Curriculum Guide? Contact Eve Halligan, Program Coordinator for the Iowa Academy of Science, for information on how you can attend a Project WET Workshop.

Explore More Water Resources

Explore More Water Resources

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Human Water Uses

Includes page numbers in the Project WET Activity and Curriculum Guide. If you don't have a Guide contact Eve Halligan at to learn how you may attend a Project WET Workshop and qualify to receive a Guide.


  • Drop in the Bucket (p. 238)

  • Choices and  Prefeences (p. 367)

  • Common Water (p.232, historic)

  • East Street (p. 382, historic)

Drinking Water

  • Water Meter (p. 271)
  • Reaching Your Limits (p. 344)
  • Aqua Bodies (p. 63, elementary)


  • Every Drop Counts (p. 307)
  • Money Down the Drain (p. 328)
  • The Price is Right (p. 333)
  • Super Bowl Surge (p. 353)
  • Easy Street (p. 382, historic)


  • The CEO (p. 300)


  • Irrigation Interpretation (p. 254)
  • The Long Haul (p. 260, historic)


  • Great Water Journeys (p. 246, historic)
  • Water Crossings (p. 421, historic)
  • Energetic Water (p. 242)


  • Wish Book (p. 460)
  • Wet Vacation (p.206)


  • Where are all the Frogs? (p. 279)
  • Macro Invertebrate Mayhem, (p. 322)
  • Humpty Dumpty (p. 316)
  • Life in the Fast Lane (p. 79)


  • Sum of the Parts (p. 267)
  • Whose Problem is it? (p. 429)

Hydrology and Watersheds

  • Incredible Journey (p. 161)
  • Branching Out! (p. 129)
  • Color Me a Watershed (p. 223)



  • Sum of the Parts (p. 267)
  • Just Passing Through (p. 166)
  • Reaching Your Limits (p. 344, standards)
  • Sparkling Water (p. 348, clean up)


  • Just Passing Through (p. 166)


  • Nutrients of Nuisance (from WOW the Wonders of Wetlands)


  • A Grave Mistake (p. 311)
  • Ground Water Model (available from AEAs, CCBs, and ISU)


  • No Bellyachers (p. 85)
  • Super Sleuths (p. 107)
  • Poison Pump (p. 93)

Water Quality Problems

Dilemma Derby (p. 377)
Hot Water (p. 388)
Whose Problem is it? (p. 429)
Perspectives (p. 397)
Water Action (p 12)

Other activities as they apply to student projects

Viewpoint Extras

Government Regulation

  • Pass the Jug (p. 392, water use rights)

  • Perspective (p. 397, public values)

  • Water Court (p. 413, mediation/litigation)

  • Water Bill of Rights (p. 403)


  • Dust Bowls and Failed Levees (p. 303)
  • Irrigation Interpretation (p. 254)
  • The Long Haul (p. 260, historic)
  • Just Passing Through (p. 166)

Urban Settings

  • A-maze-ing Water (p. 219)
  • Common Water (p. 232, historic)
  • Perspectives (p. 397)
  • The Price is Right (p. 397)
  • What's Happening? (p. 425)
  • Whose Problem is it? (p. 429)

Emerging Contaminants

  • A Grave Mistake (p. 311, historic for this topic)

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