STARR Research Grant General Guidelines

Types of Proposals

Requests for STARR Grant Funding

1.  Students may request funding for a science research project requiring modest financial assistance for expendable materials not normally available through their schools.  Grants range from $20 to $200.

2. Students who have already spent one or more years in an area of research and wish to continue or expand the investigation may request continuation funding. These grant requests must show growth beyond the original project.

Requests for STARR Review Comments Only

IJAS members who develop a science investigation and would like feedback about the project but do NOT need funding may submit a Review Comments Only Starr Grant Proposal.  Check Review Comments Only on the online form. The Student Programs Committee will review the proposal and provide feedback to help improve your project. Comments from reviewers is an ideal way to improve your science research.

Submission and Reporting Responsibilities

Proposal Submission

Grant proposal deadlines are announced annually by the Iowa Academy of Science. The dates are near the end of October or early November and around the third Sunday of May. Proposals must be submitted online to be considered by the Student Programs Committee. Late proposals will not be reviewed. Students will be notified of the status of their October grant proposals by the middle of December. May proposals will be reviewed with notifications by the end of June.  All proposals receive reviewer comments.

Claiming STARR Grant Funds

Grant awardees who present at the IJAS Science Symposium receive their funding payment either at the symposium or shortly after. Starr Grant recipients not  presenting at the meeting are responsible for claiming their STARR Grant funds. They must complete their project and provide proof to the Academy that they have presented it at one of the science fairs in the IJAS Online Manual. Acceptable forms of proof include a photo of you with your project at the fair and/or a copy of the program with your name in it. Funding will be available after the science symposium.  The Academy must receive documentation that the student fulfilled the requirements to receive the funding. Students who present at the IJAS Science Symposium do not need to provide documentation. 

Summary of Responsibilities

Scientists must follow through with their research projects. The following is a summary of responsibilities of recipients of STARR Grant funding. 

1. Read and follow STARR Grant Proposal Guidelines.
2. Submit proposals no later than the deadline.
3. Complete their project.
4. Present at one of the science fairs listed in the IJAS Online Manual.
5. All STARR Grant awardees are invited to attend and compete at the IJAS Meeting held at the IAS Annual Meeting.
6. Include evidence of presenting at a science fair and request payment of grant funds. Starr Grant Students are not required to submit evidence of presentation at the IJAS Science Symposium.