What's New on the Website

1-23-2016 Updated the IAS Calendar
1-23-2016 Added two step process directions to the Outstanding Science Student Award page
1-22-2016 Added direct registration links to the homepage for the Annual Meeting
1-21-2016 Annual Meeting pages updated for 2016
1-20-2016 Annual Meeting pages updated for 2016
1-19-2016 IAS Journal pages updated
1-16-2016 Annual Meeting section updated - General Session II photo added
1-16-2016 Annual Meeting section updated - General Session III bio added
1-15-2016 Annual Meeting section updated - General Session III presenters updated
1-14-2016 IJAS section updated - completed reviews taken off page
1-13-2016 IJAS section updated for STARR Grant Reviewers
1-11-2016 Symposium topics added to the Annual Meeting section
12-31-2015 Text added to "About the Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science"
12-23-2015 Updated the JIAS 'About' pages and links
12-22-2015 Updated the JIAS Volunteer Form
12-8-2015 Title of General Session III added to the Annual Meeting Advance Program Guide
12-6-2015 Added location of General Sessions at Annual Meeting
12-5-2015 General Session II added to Annual Meeting section
12-1-2015 New page added to Journal section  homepage to make linking to new Journal and past issues easier
11-25-2015 Journal links added to Member and Events homepage
11-23-2015 Journal link and text about Journal changes added to Members section of website
11-16-2015 IJAS updates
11-12-2015 IJAS updates
10-15-2015 IJAS homepage updated.
10-15-2015 Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science "About" updated.
10-7-2015 Professional development and educational events updated
10-7-2015 IJAS judges forms updated
10-7-2015 ISTS Awards page updated
10-7-2015 STARR Grant Reviewers page updated
10-7-2015 IJAS Judges page created
10-6-2015 STARR Grant reviewer forms updated
10-5-2015 STARR Proposal submission forms updated
10-1-2015 Updated content on the IJAS Members Only webpages
10-1-2015 Added photos from the Fall Conference to the ISTS section
9-30-2015 Added link from new GLOBE content to the IMPACT content
9-30-2015 Updated the GLOBE content on the Education Programs webpages
9-30-2015 Cleaned text and updated STARR Grant content on the IJAS members webpages
9-29-2015 Format changes and content added to the IJAS section.
9-24-2015 Iowa Science Standards announcement link added to the homepage
9-24-2015 Event Registration and Membership homepage - removed ICTM - ISTS Conference links
9-24-2015 Homepage slide show - removed ICTM - ISTS Conference announcement
9-23-2015 IAS Calendar of Events updated
9-23-2015 Junior Academy Calendar of Events updated
9-23-2015 Past ESTA winners added to the ESTA webpage
9-4-2015 Updated IAS homepage slideshow
9-4-2015 Updated IJAS Calendar
9/4/2015 Updated Education Programs IMPACT page
9-2-2015 A campus was map added to the Hotels, Directions, and Parking page of the Annual Meeting section
9-2-2015 Updated content on the Junior Academy pages
9-2-2015 Added slide show to home page
8-31-2015 IAS Annual Meeting General Sessions updated with information about the Pluto-Charon flyby presentation by Dr. Oliver White from the NASA Ames Research Center
8-30-2015 Updated front page of the IAS Event Registration and Membership website
8-21-2015 Updated ICTM - ISTS Pre-conference information
8-21-2015 Updated News and Opportunities page within ISTS webpages to include Blank Park Zoo opportunities.
8-21-2015 Reformatted the ISTS Leadership page
8-20-2015 ICTM - ISTS Pre-conference links and information added
8-20-2015 ICTM - ISTS Pre-conference registration added
8-20-2015 IAS Committees updated for 2015-16
8-5-2015 Exhibitor information for the ICTM - ISTS Math Science Conference updated
7-20-2015 Physical Sciences & Mathematics Associate Editor added to Journal webpage
7-16-2015 Membership and Events homepage updated
7-15-2015 Journal pages update with new links to subscriptions, submissions, and volunteering
7-9-2015 IAS Journal updated to include Online Journal information
7-9-2015 Iowa Science Foundation pages updated
7-8-2015 Journal page form updated
6-30-2015 Iowa Science Foundation pages expanded
6-24-2015 Exhibitor registration updated
6-18-2015 Calendar updated
6-15-2015 Journal pages updated
6-2-2015 Nomination form added to ISTS Awards page.
5-27-2015 Academy Outreach page updated.
5-27-2015 IAS at Saylorville webpage updated.
5-27-2015 Membership and Registration section updated.
5-27-2015 Homepage updated.
5-26-2015 Speaker Series at Saylorville 2015 schedule posted.
5-22-2015 Contact page updated.
5-21-2015 IAS Board of Directors page updated.
5-21-2015 2015 ESTA Winners updated on the Awards page.
5-21-2015 The Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science pages are being updated through mid-June to reflect the Journal becoming an online publication and changes in staffing and publication schedules.