Starr Student Research Grant Program

A research grant program for Iowa middle and high school students.
Research projects may be from any scientific discipline.

Frank Starr

Frank Starr

Starr Student Research Grants funding comes from the Frank Starr Memorial IJAS Grant Fund established by IAS Member Frank Starr. Funding is also provided by the Iowa Space Grant Consortium, and the Iowa Academy of Science.  Grant money from other sources is made available at the discretion of the IAS Board of Directors and the Student Programs Committee of the Academy. 


Starr Research Grant Proposal Submission Deadline
Sunday, November 11, 2018


IJAS and the Starr Grant Program - A Unique Iowa Program

There are two very important advantages to participating in the program. The first is the helpful feedback provided to students by Iowa scientists and science educators. The second is the opportunity to present research in what can only be described as a unique atmosphere in Iowa; the Iowa Academy of Science Annual Meeting.

The IJAS Science Symposium is held as part of the IAS Annual Meeting. Not only do the students present their research, they are able to attend presentations by professional scientists and experience Iowa's professional general science meeting. 

The program encourages 7th to 12th grade students to experience science by doing real science. They receive valuable feedback from Iowa scientists with the opportunity to become funded scientists. They experience how to develop a research project, write a proposal for funding and feedback, and communicate with their peers, teachers, and scientists. They present at science fairs and the Iowa Junior Academy of Science Symposium with the IAS Annual Meeting. 

The program is about learning the science process, not doing original research. However, some experienced students do advance to the point of doing original work.  

Eligibility for Funding

  • Students must be members of the Iowa Junior Academy of Science.

  • Students must be in middle or high school.

  • Eligible through group memberships such as schools, home school associations, and other organizations such as academic institutions and participating agencies.

  • Join as an individual member. Includes students in non-member schools, home schooled, or being mentored individually.

Starr Grant Options and Deadlines

1. Apply for a research grant to fund project expenses.

2. Apply for reviews/comments from Iowa scientists to improve a research project.

3. Starr Grant Proposal Submission Deadlines

There are two Starr Grant submission periods. One submission deadline occurs near the end of October or early in November. The exact date is found on the Starr Grant Submission page. The late fall deadline requires projects to be presented at regional fairs and the IJAS Science Symposium in April of the following year. The spring submission date is after the middle of May with projects required to be presented no later than the IJAS Science Symposium the next spring. Be sure to read all of the instructions regarding submissions and presentations. 


Learn More

The Junior Academy web pages provide complete information about how to participate. From writing proposals, to presenting at the IJAS Science Symposium (held with the IAS Annual Meeting), the IJAS Online Handbook has hints and rules about writing and presenting research. If you have questions please contact the IAS Office or the Executive Director. Contact information is in the "About" section on the top menu bar.

The Join button links to the Iowa Academy of Science Registration and Membership website.